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UltimateSAP SAP Course Resource For SAP Lessons
English | ISO | 1.49GB
Genre: Video Training

TheUltimate SAP Course is a DVD with five components that are designed tolet you Learn SAP at home so that you do not have to travel to aparticular location just to attend a seminar or SAP training classes.This is a timely course for people who want to increase their incomeeither by being promoted in their companies or by providing consultingservices. This type of knowledge and training has a good chance ofboosting income for people because SAP is arguably the most popularEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software worldwide. And becausevarious departments are involved with ERP, such as finance, production,human resources, sales and accounting, a broad range of people canreally benefit from the UltimateSAP Course.

It is important topoint out that the Ultimate SAP Course is not an online SAP coursebecause the DVD contains Computer based Training (CBT) programs ande books. These are mostly interactive applications that includeanimation and user interactivity to make the learning process muchsimpler and easier. With this DVD you will be able to learn how to useSAP for your daily business operations and its project life cycle after24 sessions with these CBT programs. Each session will only last for atmost only one hour.
With this course, a person can learn how toutilize the SAP enterprise software to develop, construct, deploy,gather, access, examine, show and manage data. The power of the ERPsoftware is that the database can be utilized by the various departmentsso that when a particular department makes certain modifications to thedata, these will cause corresponding changes to the data that areutilized by the other departments. Thus, knowledge about the variousfunctions and options available through SAP can prepare you forimportant positions in any of these departments.

Included in the UltimateSAP course is the following:

Additionally the course includes interactive flash modules and full CBTs with intelligent self assessment.



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